Cleopatra and Ben’s Kittens DOB 6/6/2015

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Buffalo Creek Farms Black and White Persian Boy

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Buffalo Creek Farms Lilac Persian Boy picture 1


Buffalo Creek Farms Lilac Persian Boy picture 2


Buffalo Creek Farms Black and White Persian Boy picture 2


Buffalo Creek Farms Blue/Cream Calico Persian Girl

Buffalo Creek Farms How to Bathe and Groom Your Persian

So now you have a little mop on your hands and you need to know the best way to care for your furball. We do not pretend to be professional groomers. Our intent here is to share the things that have worked for us.  You  will find simple bathing techniques that help with problems specific to Persians.

Grooming kitten at home in our opinion is ideal. There is less stress in a familiar home environment. Home grooming limits kitty’s exposure to virus’s, bacteria and fungus. Kittens are much more prone then an adult cat to pick up undesirable things because their immune system is not mature. Let’s not forgot the cost. It is much more economical to groom at home.This information should help with establishing a good grooming routine for your kitty. Grooming on a regular is important not to just the looks but the health of your kitten. Keeping kitty groomed helps with fur balls, can prevent eyes issues, helps to spot allergy’s and other skin conditions that can cause long term problems if left untreated.

Did we mention it will keep the fur down is the house as well. Persian do not shed anymore then any cats but their fur is longer. If done right grooming can be enjoyable and bonding experience for you and your kitty. We will cover how often and what products we use. If you like others that is fine. We like to keep it simple.

Kittens should be bathed every two to three weeks. If you do not bathe when they are little they will not let you when they are big. Show kittens are routinely bathed once a week. We do not recommend any more then once a week because you can dry out their skin. We suggest cutting nails right before baths.

All Persian should have their eyes cleaned and the fur brushed daily. If you do not brush them daily they will not let you when they bigger. Young kittens often look fine if not brushed and bathed often but you need to train yourself and kitty so when it becomes necessary it will not be a problem. I promise you at some point it will be necessary. Here are some suggestion for tools and  links to grooming and bathing video’s.

Bathing Your kitten

Grooming Your Kitten

Use qtips for cleaning the curves of the ears. Do not push down in ear

Use qtips for cleaning the curves of the ears. Do not push down in ear


You can use this or artificial tears for cleaning eyes


Baby shampoo for the face


Slicker brush for fluffing


Combing for finish work


Nail trimming


slicker brush for extra hair


recommended dryer


grooming tools


for trimming problems


soft brush


for behind ears and problem area’s. They sat blue works better but I have no problem with this doing the job


other option for eye cleaning

Buffalo Creek Farms New Cat Tree

This is the cat climber we use in our cattery. We would suggest that you make sure the climber you buy has rope on the posts. The ones with fabric on the post do not last as long. They are not hard to  put together but there are a few tricks we thought we would share. It takes us about 30 to 45 minutes to put one together but we have done it many times. The time may depend on how many “helpers” you have.

Here is the box the cat climber comes in. It weighs around 754 lbs.

Here is the box the cat climber comes in. It weighs around 75 lbs.

DPP_0006 - Copy - Copy

OK, Cleo and I are ready to start. I have suggested she get off the box but I am not sure she agrees.


You will need a hex head screw driver, pair of scissors and a step stool. If you are tall you may not need the step stool but this cat tree is 72″ tall and you need to get to the top. The allen wrench comes with the kit.


Here are the directions


Here is Cleo making sure she understands the direction. It is important to read the directions before you begin.


We lay out all the pieces and make sure they are there before we begin. I have acquired several more helpers. I bet they will be a big help.

DPP_0009 - Copy

Cleo is making sure the cat sleeper is adequate.


Put the 4 bottom post on. The base in a rectangle. The front post go on shorter side. The taller post on the other short side


Put the first sleeper on the front post.


Back side


next step


Cleo is making sure everything is secure and the screws are tight.


next level


Here is where it gets tricky. You have to line up the platform, post and sleeper holes with out being able to see them. I have found if you take the allen wrench and insert it in the first hole in the sleeper and shift till you find the hole in the plat form and then the hole int he post it helps. After you get everything lines up insert the screw.


Reinforcements have arrived once again to make sure construction is going well.


Isn’t that cute the babies are helping sort the screws


uhmm where did the screws go? Babies! We do not recommend putting the kitten in charge of the screws.


Now that we have found the screws. Next are the post for the top perches


Cleo once again checking for stability. I see Reo has shown up. She can be a fair weather friend.


Now that we are almost done Reo has decided that tree is hers.


Here are are all done. The steps are the last thing. They are attached using 2 hex heads screws that are supplied but the screw driver is not.

Breeze Litter Box System By Tidy Cat

At Buffalo Creek Farms we use the breeze system for all of our adults and new babies.

At Buffalo Creek Farms we use the breeze system for all of our adults and new babies.

Buffalo Creek Farms

Here is what you get in the box


Here is the drawer with the pad. You get 4 pads with the system. Four pads is enough for 1 month. The pad is thinker the a regular puppy training pad but similar.


The drawer slides easily in to the slot. Make sure the pad does not get caught when you slide int he drawer.


Now the drawer is hidden.


Breeze box with bag of pellets


Just pour the pellets in. You will notice they are dust free. They do not dissolve so no messy bits


You find the pellets much cleaner then other litters because it is heavier and is not has easy to kick out of the box. You will get some but because of the weight they do not spread like other litters.


The pellets are solid


Box and all takes about 5 minutes to put together. No tools required.

This is the system we use at Buffalo Creek Farms. It eliminates cat litter completely. We order our pads and pellets on Amazon in bulk as a grocery item. On Amazon the pellets and pads in bulk is about a 6 month supply. The boxes are about 20x12x6 so not huge to store. Best it is free shipping and UPS just delivers it when you need it. All kittens start on this system because very young kittens like to put everything in their mouths and eating regular cat litter is not good. The kitten are introduced to regular cat litter between 6 to 8 weeks. That way when they go home if that is what you choose they will know have regular cat litter is. We do not recommend starting any kitten with crystals corn etc.. simply because they will not know what to do with it and may mistake it for a sand box to play in. We never recommend the crystals as they are toxic. The kittens always have access to the breeze system some prefer it because it is cleaner. The kittens do not end up with litter stuck on their feet. We prefer it because a few pellets are easy to sweep up. Cat litter gets every where is is very hard to get up. Regular cat litter is also heavy to lug in and out of the cattery. We find the over all cost equivalent to a good kitty litter.

Bufffalo Creek Farms How To Feed Your Persian

At Buffalo Creek Farms, we believe that all animals should eat a diet that is as close
to natural as is possible. For purposes of this discussion, “natural” is defined as food
that has not been processed or cooked. It is my opinion that many health problems with
kittens and adult cats would be eliminated if they were fed sensibly, in a manner that
matches their basic genetic and physiological makeup. It is my intention in this article
to give you a solid foundation for feeding your kitten by providing all the resources you
need to help your kitten live a longer, healthier and happier life.

This may sound familiar because the same applies to foods that we (people) eat, but
some basic rules to follow and questions to ask would be: (1) Would your grandmother
recognize it as food?; (2) Can you pronounce each of the ingredients?; and (3) If you
left the food on a shelf, could you go back and still eat it ten years later? If the answer to
any of these questions is “yes,” you might want to ask yourself why are you eating it or
feeding it to your kitten.

Your kitty is a carnivore. Cats are the only true carnivore on earth. Being a carnivore
means their nutritional needs are met eating meat. The most perfectly balanced food for
your cat is a mouse. Mice, rabbits, birds, fish, and bugs are also natural foods for cats. I
do not consider beef, pork or other red meats to be appropriate for your cat because they
would not be part of a natural diet.

In addition, I prefer a raw diet for cats. If you cook the meat in your cat’s food, you are
destroying every essential amino acid that benefits your cat. I have done a vast amount of
research on this topic. That research led me to how I feed my own kittens, which is what
I’m sharing in this article.

The most well-known study was done by Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr. Following are
some of the mains results of the study. A link to the full study is at the bottom of this
article if you’re interested in reading more.

“The controlled feeding experiment took place over ten years, between 1932 and 1942,
and over 900 cats were eventually included. The optimum diet consisted of 1/3 raw milk,
cod liver oil, and 2/3 raw meat, with one group receiving cooked food instead of raw.
The findings were astounding. Within a few generations, the cats receiving cooked food

facial deformities: narrowed faces, crowded jaws, frail bones and weakened

an excess of parasites

all manners of disease

female cats became more aggressive while males became docile

difficulty with pregnancy and after three generations, pregnancy failed

kittens born of these pregnancies often did not survive to adulthood

kittens showed skeletal deformities and organ malfunctions”

One thing I would like to point out is they used raw milk in this study. All cats are lactose
intolerant. When milk is pasteurized, it destroys the enzymes a cat needs for digestion.
Never give a cat any dairy. Cats on a raw meat diet have a more acidic system that helps
prevent parasites and urinary issues. Also, a cat’s digestive process is much faster than
that of a human, so it does not give bacteria time to flourish the way it would in a human.

The most common cause of death in cats is kidney disease. I think part of the reason
for this is the way we often feed cats a dry food diet. Cats can become dehydrated very
easily because they are not big drinkers. In a natural environment, cats would get most
of their moisture from the blood of their prey. The other issue is that most commercial
cat foods list corn as one of the first three ingredients. Feeding a carnivore a diet high
in carbohydrates is a bad idea. Common health issues linked to commercial diets are
diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, fatty liver disease, hair balls and
asthma. Below you will find a link to an article by Lisa A Pierson, DVM. Dr. Pierson’s
article goes into these health issues in much greater detail. She is a strong proponent of
wet food. Here are some of the reasons cited in her article:

“Of course, in order to be on board with the ‘preventative nutrition’ argument, a
person has to understand the following facts:

1) Carbohydrates wreak havoc on many cats’ blood sugar/insulin balance.

2) All urinary tract systems are much healthier with an appropriate amount of water
flowing through them.

3) Cats inherently have a low thirst drive and need to consume water *with* their
food. (A cat’s normal prey is ~70 – 75% water.)

4) Cats are strict carnivores, which mean they are designed to get their protein from
meat – not plants.”

When we feed a cat commercial food, we give them health problems very similar to
common health problems experienced by humans. Put quite simply, this is because we
are feeding them like humans, not the carnivorous animals that they are.

Finally, I would like to give you a recipe for food for your kitty. I do grind the bones and
all in my food. You can add a calcium supplement to start. It is my belief that calcium
from a natural source, such as bone, is processed better by your cat’s system than in
supplement form. I use brown rice because it is a good way to add extra water back into
the diet since we are not feeding them whole mice. I also use sweet potato or pumpkin
because my kittens are Persian and they need that fiber to move the hair out of the system
and prevent hairballs. Another ingredient you can add if you find it is heart meat. As
is any organ that is high in electrical activity, heart meat is high in Turine. Turine is an
essential element for your cat’s health.

Use ground turkey meat and add a calcium supplement, such as kitty bloom, or any one
available. I highly recommend grinding it together so the kitten cannot pick out any
ingredients they do not like. You can put the ingredients in a food processor or blender.
Feel free to double the recipe if you need more. Whole pieces of chicken are excellent if
you have a grinder for the bones. Make sure you use a fine grinding disc so there are no
big pieces of bone.

Cook the rice with sweet potato and egg. Then add all the following ingredients to the
food processor and mix. Put daily portions into sandwich bags. Defrost by putting in a
cup with hot water. Never cook the meat!

2 lbs ground turkey
1/2 lb chicken livers
1/2 cup dry brown rice (cook according to directions)
2 eggs
1 small sweet potato
1/4 can pumpkin
kitty bloom calcium supplement
kitty bloom vitamins

Here is a link to the site for kitty bloom supplements


Kelly Krejci
Buffalo Creek Farms


Buffalo Creek Farms Persian Cattery

Welcome to our cattery. We strive to give our Kings, Queens and kittens the very best of everything. Every kitten that comes from Buffalo Creek Farms is raised here in our cattery. It is important to have plenty of interesting things to do. The girls watch their very own tv with satellite. Birds are in each area of the cattery to provide hours of entertainment. My personal goal is to try every new toy out there. There are water fountains are in all areas of the cattery. It is very important to encourage Persians  to drink lots of water. In the cattery we use the breeze litter box system. The breeze litter system eliminates the worry about the cats getting litter stuck on their feet, and is much cleaner. The kittens have both kitty litter and breeze. All kittens start out with breeze to prevent them from eating the kitty litter. Once they are past the toddler stage where they taste everything. They are introduced to regular cat litter. All areas of the cattery have plenty of perches, kitten caves and scratching post. One day I would like to have out door area’s for the kings and queens. The requirements for safe out door fun are pretty high so we are still in the design phase.Out door porches have to made to protect from everything from mosquitoes to wild dogs. I hope those of you that can not visit us will enjoy these pictures. We welcome visitors anytime if you want to see for yourself.  Look for our upcoming blog on the  kittens section of Buffalo Creek Farms. You can see our kittens for sale on our website:

Buffalo Creek Farms girls room, Satellite tv, birds, play gym

Another picture of Buffalo Creek Farms Cattery girls room

Here is the sofa where they watch tv and flirt with the boys

Everything is the boys room can be easily washed daily.. There are lots of places to perch or sleep.

Their are fountains in every room. All cats need lots of water to be healthy

All adults use breeze litter box system. The kittens have both regular litter and breeze.

This where we do are grooming.

Buffalo Creek Farms Love Under Cover Mouse

This toy is one of the favorites at Buffalo Creek Farms. Our Persians go nuts for it. You can’t see the tail very well that moves under the cover in these pictures. The tail goes back and forth and around in the circle under the cover. The toy can go slow, fast or intermittent. I would suggest starting the toy at the slow seed until the kittens catch on. Then speed it up so it is not easy to catch. The tail does come off and they do not give it back with out fussing, so keep the toy up when you are not using it. I found the least expensive place to buy this toy is on amazon. Just get extra batteries because they will wear this out.

If I lay right here the toy will be all mine.

This toy has my seal of approval!

All the toys are mine.

If we work together we can get it.

Who’s turn is it.