Buffalo Creek Farms How to Bathe and Groom Your Persian

So now you have a little mop on your hands and you need to know the best way to care for your furball. We do not pretend to be professional groomers. Our intent here is to share the things that have worked for us.  You  will find simple bathing techniques that help with problems specific to Persians.

Grooming kitten at home in our opinion is ideal. There is less stress in a familiar home environment. Home grooming limits kitty’s exposure to virus’s, bacteria and fungus. Kittens are much more prone then an adult cat to pick up undesirable things because their immune system is not mature. Let’s not forgot the cost. It is much more economical to groom at home.This information should help with establishing a good grooming routine for your kitty. Grooming on a regular is important not to just the looks but the health of your kitten. Keeping kitty groomed helps with fur balls, can prevent eyes issues, helps to spot allergy’s and other skin conditions that can cause long term problems if left untreated.

Did we mention it will keep the fur down is the house as well. Persian do not shed anymore then any cats but their fur is longer. If done right grooming can be enjoyable and bonding experience for you and your kitty. We will cover how often and what products we use. If you like others that is fine. We like to keep it simple.

Kittens should be bathed every two to three weeks. If you do not bathe when they are little they will not let you when they are big. Show kittens are routinely bathed once a week. We do not recommend any more then once a week because you can dry out their skin. We suggest cutting nails right before baths.

All Persian should have their eyes cleaned and the fur brushed daily. If you do not brush them daily they will not let you when they bigger. Young kittens often look fine if not brushed and bathed often but you need to train yourself and kitty so when it becomes necessary it will not be a problem. I promise you at some point it will be necessary. Here are some suggestion for tools and  links to grooming and bathing video’s.

Bathing Your kitten


Grooming Your Kitten


Use qtips for cleaning the curves of the ears. Do not push down in ear

Use qtips for cleaning the curves of the ears. Do not push down in ear


You can use this or artificial tears for cleaning eyes


Baby shampoo for the face


Slicker brush for fluffing


Combing for finish work


Nail trimming


slicker brush for extra hair


recommended dryer


grooming tools


for trimming problems


soft brush


for behind ears and problem area’s. They sat blue works better but I have no problem with this doing the job


other option for eye cleaning