Buffalo Creek Farms Persian Cattery

Welcome to our cattery. We strive to give our Kings, Queens and kittens the very best of everything. Every kitten that comes from Buffalo Creek Farms is raised here in our cattery. It is important to have plenty of interesting things to do. The girls watch their very own tv with satellite. Birds are in each area of the cattery to provide hours of entertainment. My personal goal is to try every new toy out there. There are water fountains are in all areas of the cattery. It is very important to encourage Persians  to drink lots of water. In the cattery we use the breeze litter box system. The breeze litter system eliminates the worry about the cats getting litter stuck on their feet, and is much cleaner. The kittens have both kitty litter and breeze. All kittens start out with breeze to prevent them from eating the kitty litter. Once they are past the toddler stage where they taste everything. They are introduced to regular cat litter. All areas of the cattery have plenty of perches, kitten caves and scratching post. One day I would like to have out door area’s for the kings and queens. The requirements for safe out door fun are pretty high so we are still in the design phase.Out door porches have to made to protect from everything from mosquitoes to wild dogs. I hope those of you that can not visit us will enjoy these pictures. We welcome visitors anytime if you want to see for yourself.  Look for our upcoming blog on the  kittens section of Buffalo Creek Farms. You can see our kittens for sale on our website: http://www.buffalocreekfarms.net/persiancatsforsale.php

Buffalo Creek Farms girls room, Satellite tv, birds, play gym

Another picture of Buffalo Creek Farms Cattery girls room

Here is the sofa where they watch tv and flirt with the boys

Everything is the boys room can be easily washed daily.. There are lots of places to perch or sleep.

Their are fountains in every room. All cats need lots of water to be healthy

All adults use breeze litter box system. The kittens have both regular litter and breeze.

This where we do are grooming.

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