Buffalo Creek Farms Love Under Cover Mouse

This toy is one of the favorites at Buffalo Creek Farms. Our Persians go nuts for it. You can’t see the tail very well that moves under the cover in these pictures. The tail goes back and forth and around in the circle under the cover. The toy can go slow, fast or intermittent. I would suggest starting the toy at the slow seed until the kittens catch on. Then speed it up so it is not easy to catch. The tail does come off and they do not give it back with out fussing, so keep the toy up when you are not using it. I found the least expensive place to buy this toy is on amazon. Just get extra batteries because they will wear this out.

If I lay right here the toy will be all mine.

This toy has my seal of approval!

All the toys are mine.

If we work together we can get it.

Who’s turn is it.


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